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Why no tipping?

Our philosophy on tipping is pretty simple, we want to pay our team members a liveable wage so they don’t have to rely on any variables to control their livelihood. This means that you as a consumer also benefit from having transparent pricing, what you see is what you pay. Everything in Test Batches Brewery is tax included, so whatever the price says is exactly what it is, no need to calculate anything yourself or guess what it may total up to!

What does 'Test Batches' mean?

Test Batches comes from the more literal idea of creating smaller tests for new ideas, in this case beer batches, new recipes or chocolate variations. Conceptually it’s the idea of constantly improving and moving forward, new ideas everyday and new ways of looking at what we as a team can get better at.

Can I order beer online?

As of now everything is only purchasable within the physical brewery location, so come say hi!

When is the patio open?

Weather permitted, the patio is always a seating option! So unless specified as closed for the season, you and your group are more than welcome to find a seat out on the patio.

Can I bring my dog into the brewery?

As much as we would love to welcome animals into the space, we do not allow for pets in the brewery or on the patio!

Can I book the space for an event?

Not at this time. Our space has been built to be shared by the community and we want it to be available to everyone at any time.