Our Story

Test Batches Brewery is a family business created by Jamie and Lesley Tripp.

As a team they have been business owners in the Midland area for over 25 years, but individually they have their own stories.

Jamie has been in business all his life and in the latter half took to an appreciation of craft beer and the brewing process. This venture is the true passion project for him, being able to put together his love for the Midland community and craft beer all in one place.

Lesley, or Jamie’s better half depending on who you ask, is the real shot-caller of the operation. She has been involved in business one way or another all throughout her life and has been creating and curating an ever-growing treat portfolio for you all to try out.

Test Batches Brewery started as a healthy obsession for craft beer and quickly became a mission to bring that passion to our lovely Midland area. We were able to secure the building of our dreams with the help of a close friend and the ball started rolling from there. Throughout the construction process we were met with many challenges but none big enough to stop us from creating the beautiful microbrewery and eatery you see before you today!

When the doors opened on September 19th 2023, it only marked the beginning of our journey together as the Test Batches Brewery team.